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The UAE and other countries in the Middle East are attracting best performers, bands and singers. We provide legal support services through our dedicated platform ‘iRights’ to artists, producers, authors and publishers to exploit the value of their work and mitigate piracy and copyright infringements. Due to the specialized nature of this industry, iRights was set-up as a focused and dedicated service with a network of offices and affiliates who are all well experienced in this industry.
iRights aims to develop music rights and create an organized music industry in the Middle East. It is an advisory hub for all artists (writers, composers, musicians, performers and singers) from around the globe who wish to seek advice in the Middle East regarding rights management, licensing of works, assignments of rights, management of relationship with record label companies and authorizing the use of their work on radio, TV, new media streams, live performances, print and other media.

Entertainment: Practices
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