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The sport market in the Middle East continues to grow and attract international athletes, teams, clubs and tournaments on a 5 start level. From the world richest horse racing world cup in Dubai, Formula 1 in Abu Dhabi and Bahrain, FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar to tennis, world class golf and rugby tournaments as well as top class polo, show jumping and horse endurance events. The growth offers opportunities for others involved in sport activities such as event organizers, media companies and service providers. Fast growth usually offers opportunities and challenges and this is why legal specialized support is critical.

One of the primary areas of our sport law practice is ‘Equestrian Sports’. We have set-up Equine Legal Consultancy™ as a special platform for this niche practice. Equine Legal Consultancy provides legal support in the Middle East and Europe through a network of branch offices and experienced lawyers specialized in equine law. Visit our dedicated equine legal consultancy website for more information.

Our sports law practice advise athletes, clubs, associations, organizers and media companies on various matters including the following:

  • Sponsorship Agreements

  • Team Agreements

  • Agreements between clubs and players

  • Event management and organization including venue lease, ticketing, media relations, health, safety and insurance.

  • Stadium and arena development and management and naming rights

  • Advising leagues, clubs and players on Sponsorship, licensing and merchandising

  • Compliance and regulatory approvals

  • Disciplinary proceedings and Appeals before tribunal and sports governing bodies and Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS)

  • Broadcasting and Media Rights Agreements including online content production, distribution, management and exploitation

  • Brand Protection and Exploitation including, licensing arrangements, merchandise distribution, trademark infringements registration; copyright protection and exploitation.

Specialized Practices: Practices
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Our Media practice combines an in-depth knowledge of the media industry, local law requirements and a solid understanding of international standards. We provide support in various areas of media, including broadcast, radio, print, digital and production.

Our extensive experience covers:

  • Advertising and marketing

  • Audio-visual piracy

  • TV Broadcasting and streaming

  • licensing and acquisition

  • free to air and pay tv

  • Digital media

  • Film Production

  • Franchise

  • copyright 


The UAE and other countries in the Middle East are a hub for international and most awarded artists, musicians and production and record label companies. We provide legal support services through our dedicated platform ‘iRights’ to artists, producers, authors and publishers to exploit the value of their work and mitigate piracy and copyright infringements. Due to the specialized nature of this industry, iRights was set-up as a focused and dedicated service with a network of offices and affiliates who are all well experienced in this industry.
iRights aims to develop music rights and create an organized music industry in the Middle East. It is an advisory hub for all artists (writers, composers, musicians, performers and singers) from around the globe who wish to seek advice in the Middle East regarding rights management, licensing of works, assignments of rights, management of relationship with record label companies and authorizing the use of their work on radio, TV, new media streams, live performances, print and other media.


Witnessing the evolve of the technology in a period of time where technology became the most dominant and vital sector at all times. We are here to provide our clients with various legal services addressing the needs of clients in this fast growing sector. Our clients include start-ups, developers, business owners and technology users who heavily rely on technology in operating and providing their services. Our legal consultancy services include the below:

·         Hardware purchase

          Software licensing


·         Service Level Agreements

·         Data Protection

·         IT and outsourcing services

·         Digital media

·         Games and entertainment

·         IP patent protection strategies

·         Mobile Application Development

          Dispute resolution 

Specialized Practices: Practices
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We provide consultancy and solutions that aim at preserving your wealth and protecting your assets. Our solutions are tailored to the personal needs of our clients and their assets in multiple jurisdictions.

We provide practical and specialist support to high net worth individuals and family businesses, trustees and family offices regarding the following:

  • Setting up effective international structures to hold their investments and assets, including the formation and administration of offshore trusts in various jurisdictions

  • Advising on business succession and corporate restructuring

  • Establishing holding entities and family offices to manage family investments, assets and wealth through tax efficient structures

  • Preparing constitutions and family protocols to govern relations between family members and their businesses

  • Providing clients with legal support regarding unique, valuable and luxury assets, including artwork, classic cars, private jets (see our Aviation services), yachts and collectibles, covering due diligence, acquisition and holding structures.

  • Advising on charitable contributions and providing advice on setting up family and corporate foundations (See Philanthropy & Charities)

Our objective is to support clients in managing, preserving and passing wealth to the next generation in the most efficient way. We work closely with our clients to understand their goals and propose plans that address their wishes and concerns.

Specialized Practices: Practices
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The retail and leisure sector has evolved rapidly in the United Arab Emirates and other countries in the region. Our team understands the legal and practical issues facing different stakeholders involved in this sector. We advise owners and operators of hotels, entertainment venues and shopping malls as well as brand owners and retailers on various contractual arrangements, corporate structures and contentious matters.

We provide support in the following key areas:

  • Hotel management related agreements

  • Franchise agreements

  • Royalty licenses

  • Technical support and know-how agreements

  • Company set-up and corporate structuring

  • Lease agreements

  • Service level arrangements

Whether you are a start-up, entrepreneur or established businesses, it is important to have legal support from a team that has evolved with the developments in the retail and leisure sector and will fully understand your business priorities from set up to management and operations and ultimate disposal.

Specialized Practices: Practices
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